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The experience
at New Age Dental

Since we have the first contact with you, we strive to deliver the best possible experience during your whole stay until your departure.

Exceptional dedication to quality

At New Age Dental, we truly care about giving a tailored andexceptional service to our patients.

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Safety First

Strict safety regulations when dealing with our patients.

Comprehensive dentistry

All the dental care you need, right here in our modern dental office.

Comfortable experience

Coffee bar, soft neck pillows, aromatherapy, painless digital anesthesia, and more.

Totally personalized treatment plans

All treatments are carefully evaluated by our specialists, creating personalized treatment plans focused on different needs. With this, our patients can have a pre-treatment plan with estimated costs and a schedule before coming with us. For patients who visit us from far away, this is an excellent option to reduce the number of visits.

For patients visiting us from nearby locations, we offer the option of attending a consultation, where together we can create an appropriate treatment plan.

Arrangements for your stay

Our patient’s coordinator will oversee finding the best options for your visit to Tijuana.

If you are coming from San Diego or nearby areas, it will be a pleasure for us to pick you up at the border and facilitate your arrival.
If you prefer, you can arrive by car. We provide a valet parking service in our building.
In case you need to take a flight to visit us, we will help you coordinate your travel reservations, like hotel and flights. We have agreements with excellent prices in different hotel chains in the city, very close to our clinic.
When our patients require to stay longer for a specific treatment,we help them to find the best options to have a pleasant stay.

First class facilities

We design our amenities to deliver to ourpatients the most comfortable experience.

Coffee bar, soft neck pillows, TV with your favorite movies, music, aromatherapy during treatment, warm blankets, painless digital anesthesia, and pain medication kits are just some of the amenities.
We want you to feel amazing about your oral wellness. Not just when you visit us, but every time you smile, take a bite, tell a joke, or laugh.

During your treatment

Throughout the process, our team oversees always guiding and helping you.

For long-term treatments, we have sedation options available, performed, and supervised by anesthesia specialists.
We strive to deliver the best experience to our patients, and for that reason, we take the time to lay out all available options for you to make informed decisions about your dental health. We promise to answer all your questions and help you to understand exactly what to expect.

Taking care of your smile is a pleasure

We strive to deliver all our patients the best experience during their visit, even above their expectations. That's what set us apart from other dental clinics in Tijuana.

Come to visit us!

We accept your american insurance

At New Age Dental the process to validate your insurance is very simple.
If you have doubts about your coverage in Mexico or how the available balance works, we can carry out a verification of coverage at NO COST.

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