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Visiting the clinic

We are always looking for the best options to make your arrival easier and your stay more pleasant.

Getting here

We will take care of you on every step of your visit to Tijuana.

If you are visiting us from San Diego, it will be a pleasure for us to pick you up at the border.

If you arrive by car, we have valet parking service in our building for your convenience.

If you need to take a flight, we can help you coordinate your reservations.

Process to visit the clinic

Stage 1: Contact

You can contact us by phone at MX: 634 2951 / US: 760 298 3039, by email at tijuana@newagedental.mx, WhatsApp 664 177 2005, or by sending a message on our social networks: Facebook and Instagram.

Stage 2: Before your visit

If you already have photographs or x-rays you can send them to us to design an estimated treatment plan and get everything prepared for your appointment.

Stage 3: Schedule

We will schedule your appointment.
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Stage 4: Transportation

If you need transportation to get to the office, don't worry, we'll take care of that. All you have to do is indicate the location where you want us to pick you up.

Stage 5: Accomodation

If you need accommodation, we can recommend different hotel options in Tijuana that we have agreements with, in line with your budget.

Stage 6: Flights

In the same way, to obtain the best prices for flights and have all the services ready for your visit, it is good to have the date scheduled.

Stage 7: Treatment plan

On the day of the appointment, your dentist will make a complete consultation and diagnosis, coming up with a treatment plan appropriate to your dental needs. Various options will be offered, according to your specific case.

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Our dental office is in the most important business and tourism zone of the city: Zona Río Tijuana. We are near great restaurants, stores, and hotels.

Our dental office in Tijuana

Diego Rivera #2351, Zona Urbana Río Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C.
US (760) 298 3039 | MX (664) 634 2951

Payment Methods

At New Age Dental clinic, we accept:

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USA Transfer Zelle
Debit & Credit Cards
Debit & Credit Cards
*with 5% fee

We accept your american insurance

At New Age Dental the process to validate your insurance is very simple.
If you have doubts about your coverage in Mexico or how the available balance works, we can carry out a verification of coverage at NO COST.

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