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Pediatric Detistry
in Tijuana

Our goal is to provide a pleasant and positive experience for both you and your children while focusing on your unique needs.
Comprehensive dental care for children from 6 months to 18 years old.

How your treatment will be

At New Age Dental Clinic in Tijuana, all the root canals are performed by a endodontics specialist who use:

Infants and babies (6 months to 1 year)

To prevent future dental problems on children, it is recommended to have the baby’s first oral before his/her first birthday.

Children and adolescents (2 years to 18 years)

We offer a full range of dental services for children and adolescents to keep good oral health during their growth.

Children with special needs

Special needs children are those with physical, developmental, or behavioral conditions. They may require more extensive dental and medical services.

Pediatric treatments

Comprehensive oral evaluation and assessments
Teeth cleaning and fluoride treatments.
Tooth-colored fillings.
Space maintainers (to save space for adult teeth).
Athletic mouth guards.
Cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening (for adolescents).
Interceptive Orthodontics (braces).
Sedation and general anesthesia for children.

The first visit is usually a comprehensive
initial evaluation at NO COST.

If you are looking for a Pediatric or Kids Dentist in Tijuana, you can request an appointment online or by phone. Our team will be glad to help you with all the accommodations for your visit.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Estimated price rate

Estimated prices in the US for root canals: $1,200- $1,400.
At New Age Dental: $250-$270.

All planning is done interdisciplinary, taking care of every step to guarantee the best quality and patient experience.

Around 70% less on root canals in Tijuana compared with USA prices, but with the same high-quality services.

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We accept your american insurance

At New Age Dental the process to validate your insurance is very simple.
If you have doubts about your coverage in Mexico or how the available balance works, we can carry out a verification of coverage at NO COST.

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It will be painful?

For all procedures that generate some type of discomfort in the tissues or in the tooth, local anesthesia is used.

How long does anesthesia last?

Depending on each patient, anesthesia can last from 3 to 4 hours.

How long am I going to last on the date?

Each dental treatment is different depending on the treatment is the duration, for example a regular dental cleaning takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes.