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11 Hilarious Post-Dental Anesthesia

Ah, wisdom teeth surgery… A lot of people have to go through with it, right? It seems to be pretty common.
Wisdom teeth are a pain in the neck for anybody who has ever had to get them removed.However, what we tend to forget is that with all the gas intake people take in to put them to sleep and dumb down the pain, people can have some very weird reactions after the operation. Fortunately for us, friends and family tend to record these reactions…

1. The girl who thought she was Hannah Montana

What happens when you wake up after wisdom teeth surgery? You might end up believing you’re Hannah Montana and that Miley girl is just stealing your identity. After singing a hilarious rendition of “Party in the U.S.A.” our Miley-wannabe says she “can’t catch a break.” However, it’s you who won’t be able to catch break from giggling so hard.

2. Zombies, wisdom teeth, and a hilarious little sister

It’s no secret that older siblings love to pick on younger ones. But these guys took things to a whole new level by convincing their little sis she was living through a zombie apocalypse (while on wisdom teeth meds, of course).The best part is when they ask her to make life-changing decisions, such as saving the family cat versus saving the family dog.
Her priceless answer: “The cat, you idiot! [The dog’s] the worst, he’s already dying.”

3. Alex Goes To The Dentist

When he isn’t pontificating about the malevolent nature of dolphins or declaring his love for yogurt, Alex seems to think he’s at a karaoke bar, singing several songs and even delivering a spot-on freestyle rap at the end of the video.
“Do you poo yogurt, or do you pee yogurt?”

4. Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth

This video is one of the most famous post-anesthesia videos out there, featuring a very funny girl who feels like, “a unicorn just took me on a ride to a magical palace, to the land of the blueberries.”

5. I’m a Nascar driver

This girl woke up thinking that she is sore because she crashed her NASCAR car during a race.  Because she’s a NASCAR driver of course.

6. Wisdom teeth Surgery Aftermath!

Perhaps the best depiction of how anesthesia affects people is in this 16-minute video of unintentionally hilarious moments.
This teenage boy is calm, cool and collected before the surgery and comes out singing songs about Jesus. It only gets better after that…

7. Twin Sisters wisdom teeth

They say two is better than one — in this case we have to agree. These twin sisters are clearly on different levels and the result is hilarious.

8. Ellen lookalike

Maddi was obsessed with a random woman who vaguely resembled Ellen DeGeneres. She plows through topics from nose piercings to Ellen Degeneres to mermaids to The Godfather to Beyonce to Twilight. Naturally, she got on The Ellen Show. Between wanting a nose piercing because her face is numb and claiming she’s the president, she earned her spot on Ellen’s comfy armchair.

9. Kelly’s wisdom teeth aftermath

Kelly seems to have developed some sort of foreign, sing-songy accent from her oral surgery, as she spews a nonstop, stream of conscious monologue that only dogs can hear.

10. What’s In My Mouth?

This poor young lady awakens in the car with no memory of what happened to her and begins an Abbott and Costello-like exchange with her mother about the gauze in her mouth.

11. David after dentist

The one that seemingly started the trend en masse. David DeVore Jr. was seven years old when he went to the dentist to get an extra tooth (a condition called hyperdontia) removed.  The aftermath was a classic episode of existentialist thought punctuated by the occasional ‘roid rage. Unlike many of the similar videos that have been posted on YouTube since then, his father’s motivation for filming the aftermath was completely innocent: David’s mother had wanted to accompany him but couldn’t because of a work obligation.

Videos like these take the seriousness away from the procedure and shed light on the fact that dental visits are indeed not as bad as they seem. You can visit us in our dental clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico, a few minutes south from the San Ysidro Border. We are your preferred dentist in Tijuana, we offer free transportation from the border and back.

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