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7 Funny Dentist Scenes in Movies and TV Shows

Dentists are generally portrayed in a negative light in pop culture. These negative stereotypes are often complete falsehoods about dentists and about dentistry in general. Even though they are false portrayals of dentists, they are often hilariously funny.The best humor can often be found in the most ordinary places, and the dentist’s office is no exception! Don’t believe us? Check out the hilarious dental-related scenes from film and television listed below, but don’t forget: laughter might be the best medicine, but it’s no substitute for flossing.
Lights, Camera, Crowns!

7. The Simpsons – Lisa’s dentist explains to her that she will need braces

The Simpsons has so many funny episodes. This time Lisa makes a trip to the dentist. The dentist recommends that Lisa get braces for her teeth. The dentist shows a depiction of what will happen if she does not get braces in order to scare her into getting them. Bart cracks his typical jokes whenever there is an opportunity.

6. Dental scene from Finding Nemo

This funny scene from Finding Nemo shows Nemo and his newly found dental office aquarium fish friends watching a root canal being performed. The experienced fish discuss the different methods that the dentist is using and his overall technique as if they themselves were actual dental experts.

5. Mr. Bean gets into trouble at the dentist

Mr. Bean gets into trouble at the dentist like no one else could. He is fascinated by all of the tools and utensils at the dental office. He just can’t help himself and starts to play with the tools when the dentist isn’t looking. Very funny, although the dentist probably didn’t think so!

4. Friends – Ross over whitens his own teeth and tries to hide it from his date

This episode is priceless. Ross decides to whiten his own teeth for an upcoming date and leaves the whitener on for an extra 24 hours to make them really shine. The result is a smile that is oh so obvious. Ross spends the rest of the episode trying to hide his overly white teeth from his date. This one is a must watch.

3. Seinfeld – Kramer goes to the dentist and gets numbed up a little too much

Kramer goes to the dentist and gets his mouth numbed for the procedure. His mouth continues to stay numb and starts to cause all sorts of hilarious problems and situations. He ends up being the guest of honor and sang to by Mel Tormé at a meeting for Able Mentally Challenged Adults (AMCA).

2. The Little Shop of Horrors – I’m a dentist!

If the dentist in Seinfeld is improbable, the one from cult film favorite Little Shop of Horrors is impossible—a cartoon villain with a comical penchant for inflicting pain. Still, Steve Martin’s dentist from hell has a flair for song and a sweet motorcycle—and two redeeming qualities are better than none, right?

1. Charlie and the chocolate factory

The 2005 film adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl fable is more faithful to the novel than the 1971 original. In this clip exploring Willy Wonka’s relationship with his dentist father, we get a glimpse into the origins of the candymaker. Dentists may cheer at Daddy Wonka’s tactics, but can you blame little Willy for wanting a candy factory after this?

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